The Lost Filofaxes, part 2

So there was a silver lining to the end of the Lost Filofaxes story. A few days later, my MIL comes in from doing more sorting in the Bonus Room and hands me:






It may not be her original Filofax, but it was still cool. It isn’t a full planner, but she used it as a notepad.

My husband remembers it always sitting on a table by the front door when he was a boy.

It is now part of my planner/refillable notebook collection. It has the 6 ring, 3-3 format, which matches my Raika and DayTimer Rose Gold planners. This is nice because it will allow me flexibility between the three of them.

There is another part that I only found out a couple of weeks ago. But some background or reminders first: MIL stopped using her Filofax when they came to American for several reasons: (1) she didn’t think she could get inserts over her for it and (2) planners were falling out of fashion.

Okay, new part of the story: She found a barely used Franklin Covey 365 Classic size planner at her local thrift shop for $1.99!!! What a fantastic find! And because she now knows a couple of planner users (me and my mom), she’s been re-corrupted!

I sent her some blank dated calendar inserts I wasn’t using for August through December, so she’ll be able to get back into planning.

© Cori Large August 25, 2015

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Chrissa - Physical Kitchness
    Sep 09, 2015 @ 11:02:51

    Gosh I need one of these! My house is full of to-do lists and brain is always fried!!


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