July/August 2015 Bullet Journal Set Up

On the final day of August I get around to posting how my BuJo has been set up for the last two months.

I’m back to experimenting with Bullet Journaling in a bound journal. But unlike my March 2015 post, I think I’ve found a set up that works.

My mini flex (the Mead Shopping OrganizHer notebook), has become my monthly calendar and brain dump notebook.

I’m not using a Moleskine or a Leuchtturm notebook, which are VERY popular for Bullet Journaling. I’m once again combining the bullet journal concept with my personal journal entries.

JuneJuly 2015 BuJo set up

But, Cori, didn’t you stop using your personal journal because you were worried about privacy?

Why, yes, reader, I was. But I’ve found that I like having the ability to write randomly in my journal, as part of my daily set up.

So how is my page set up?

Left side:

*Dailies: stretching, steps, walking, Bing points, vitamins

*Work: newspapers, serials, anything else that is day-specific, takes from work to do list

*Personal/Home: errands, a few things I’d like to get done at home after work, etc.

Once the left side is filled up, I’m done. No mas. Anything else that pops into my head goes into my brain dump notebook.

Right side:

This side is left for me to do stream of consciousness, throughout the day journaling.

Now, that’s my typical layout. I don’t like to start a day on the Right because I prefer having the To Do’s on the left and my journal pages on the right. It’ just me. There are times when I do start on the right, because I also can’t stand to see paper wasted.

© June 27, 2015

Future Planning Papers

Since I’ve gotten away from the weekly and daily planner inserts, I’ve been trying to figure out a way to mark down future/day-specific To Do’s without them getting lost in my brain dump notebook.

The idea came to me at work. With the budget year coming to a close, I was making myself some notes about things that needed to be down on specific days once the new budget year opened up.

All I’m doing is taking scratch paper, dating it, and writing the day-specific tasks on it.

Future Planning Papers (1) Future Planning Papers (2)

But, Cori, why not just use Day on 1 Page (DO1P) inserts? Or other preprinted inserts?

If you have a traditional style planner, go for it! But I’m using the Bullet Journal method right now, and this method doesn’t allow for easy future planning. (Post written before Ryder Carroll came out with his new video.) This is a major complaint I’ve seen on the Bullet Journaling Facebook groups.

This is working for me. I don’t have a piece of paper for every day, just the days where I know I’m going to have day-specific tasks. When I do my daily bullet journal set up, I make sure to add the tasks from the paper. Once they are added to my list, I recycle the scratch paper.

© Cori Large June 27, 2015

Spotlight: Nigella Lawson

Who: Nigella Lawson

Career/Occupation: chef, tv personality, judge on The Taste, food writer

Authored Books:

How to Eat: The Pleasures and Principles of Good Food by Nigella Lawson

How to Be a Domestic Goddess: Baking and the Art of Comfort Cooking by Nigella Lawson

Nigella Bites by Nigella Lawson

Nigella Summer (formerly Forever Summer) by Nigella Lawson

Feast by Nigella Lawson

Nigella Express by Nigella Lawson

Nigella Christmas by Nigella Lawson

Kitchen by Nigella Lawson

Nigellissima by Nigella Lawson

Simply Nigella: Food to Nourish Body and Soul by Nigella Lawson (to be published Autumn 2015)

Nigella books

(Nigella’s books that I personally own.)


Nigella Bites

Nigella Bites Christmas Special

Forever Summer


Nigella’s Christmas Kitchen

Nigella Express

Nigella Kitchen


The Taste-USA
The Taste-UK




What do I like about this person?    

I like Nigella’s attitude of cooking for fun and comfort rather than perfection. She has no qualms about tasting and eating the food she cooking. She loves cooking, entertaining, and it comes through in her books and shows.


I watched an interview with her at one point, and she listed her top 5 ingredients: alcohol, unwaxed organic lemons, good kosher salt, garlic-infused oil, and olive oil-but not extra virgin olive oil.

Nigella Lawson, a biography by Gilly Smith

Standardizing Planner Ring Numbers

In my research into what planners are on the market, one thing that stood out in the ring bound planner world. There are a number of choices to the number and size of rings available to you, depending on the make and model of the planner in question.

DayTimer and Franklin Covey lean towards the 6 or 7 ring layouts, where the inserts are more or less interchangeable.



Unless you get the Desk Size, and then the ring layout gets complicated.


Filofax and Kikki K also use a 6 ring format, but theirs are group in a 3-3 layout.



(This isn’t a Filofax or Kikki K, but it has the format I’m describing.)

The 3 ring layouts are more typically found in the smaller size binders that can hold 5 1/2” x 8 ½” paper.


There is also a ring bound planner that has 2 rings, but I don’t know much about this one, so I’m not going to comment on it.

Now that you have some background information, here is my point: I feel there should be a standardization of the number of rings in planners, that way all inserts are interchangeable. It seems to be a common compliant that I’ve heard on YouTube.

I am of the opinion that all planners should have 3 rings, no matter the size. There are three hold punches that can adjust paper size. The size of the rings will depend on the size of the planner in question, i.e. a desk size planner (holds 8 ½” x 11” paper) needs bigger rings than a pocket size planner.

However, if they are not going to standardize the number of rings, and I suspect they are not…then could they please make it easier to find the hole punches? I have a pocket sized 6 ring planner that I’m trying to convert into either a wallet or a refillable mini notebook. I had to go buy a single hole punch and pray I never lose the plastic bookmark that acts as my punch guide. (If anyone knows where I’m able to find a hold punch for the planner pictured below, please leave a comment with the information.)


© Cori Large April 5, 2015

The Lost Filofaxes w/ Video link

Here’s the YouTube video link, if you’d like to watch me tell this story instead of reading it: http://youtu.be/bjIndgWoWYE

I have used a planner in one form or another, pretty much my whole life. However, it wasn’t until recently (December 2014), which I stumbled upon the Planner Addict World via YouTube.

(Keep that date I mentioned in mind.)

When my in-laws were visiting back in June, and MIL was giving me some feedback on my Raika video (insert link). I went and got it so she could get a better look at it.

Whilst flipping through it, she commented on how it was just like the Filofax she and my FIL used back in Britain in the 70s and 80s.

As I was explaining the migration some of us are making back into paper planners, because we’re tired of the digital headache, she informed me that up until December (^^^^) their old Filofaxes were packed away in a box. During a purging session, before Christmas, she had uncovered them and thought, “No one uses these old things anymore,” and through them away.

I’ll pause for the Planner Addicts to have a moment of silence and recover from the shock.

Just so we have the timeline clear:
Mid-December 2014
Cori: discovering the Planner Addict World, spend my Christmas break watching planner videos on YouTube, sharing this new find with my mother and husband.
MIL: cleaning out and purging old items, and in the process threw out two Filofax Originals!

And, no, I didn’t say anything to her about what I found. Why? Because (and it’s a dumb reason), I didn’t think she’d understand and think I was weirder than she originally thought.

So what’s the moral of the story?

Share all new stuff you’ve learned and come across with EVERYONE! Who cares if they think you’re weird! You also never know, if could be something you have in common.

So…if I had just shared one clip or called MIL over and shown her this stuff, I would possibly in possession of two 1970’s Filofaxes.


© Cori Large 6-18-2015

Spotlight: Alton Brown

I decided to do a new style of post. I’m calling it the Spotlight. I’ll be using to do share information about small businesses I’ve discovered and love, celebrities I respect, careers I’m interested in, and other subjects when they interest me.

Today’s post is the first spotlight, and it will be on Celebrity Food Network star and author, Alton Brown.

Who: Alton Brown


TV personality, celebrity chef, author…among other talents

Authored Books:

I’m Just Here for the Food: Food + Heat = Cooking by Alton Brown

Alton Brown’s Gear for Your Kitchen by Alton Brown

I’m Just Here for the Food: Kitchen User’s Manual by Alton Brown

I’m Just Here for the Food: Cook’s Notes by Alton Brown

I’m Just Here for More Food: Food x Mixing + Heat = Baking by Alton Brown

Feasting on Asphalt: The River Run by Alton Brown

Good Eats: The Early Years by Alton Brown

Good Eats: The Middle Years by Alton Brown

Good Eats: The Later Years by Alton Brown

Alton books

(These are the three that I own.)


Bazilian, E. (2012). Alton Brown. Adweek, 53(28), 50.

Brown, A. (2014, January 21). He’s Traveling in First Class, but He’ll Still Look at Your Recipe. New York Times, p. B4(L). Retrieved from http://ic.galegroup.com/ic/ovic/NewsDetailsPage/NewsDetailsWindow?failOverType=&query=&prodId=&windowstate=normal&contentModules=&display-query=&mode=view&displayGroupName=News&dviSelectedPage=&limiter=&currPage=&disableHighlighting=&displayGroups=&sortBy=&zid=&search_within_results=&p=OVIC&action=e&catId=&activityType=&scanId=&documentId=GALE%7CA356091821&source=Bookmark&u=lincclin_pcc&jsid=8869edf5341e1dbb81488b326343bee6

Brown, A. (2014). Liven Up Leftovers. Men’s Health, 29(3), 96.

Colarusso, L. M. (2012). An Ode to ‘Good Eats’. Newsweek, 159(7), 59.

Friedlander, W. (2013). Nets’ Social Studies. Variety320(11), 26.

Holmes, E. (2013, December 11). With the Gift of 150 Bow Ties, TV Foodie Becomes Enthusiast. Wall Street Journal – Eastern Edition. p. D3.

Mowry, L. (2014). Hometown Hideaway. Atlanta53(11), 58.


Personal Website www.altonbrown.com

Food Network Chefs Page http://www.foodnetwork.com/chefs/alton-brown.html

Wikipedia entry http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alton_Brown#Bibliography


Good Eats (1998-2012) (shown on Food Network Netflix)

Iron Chef America

Feasting on Asphalt (2007)

Feasting on Asphalt-Waves (2008) (episodes available on FoodNetwork.com)

Cutthroat Kitchen (2013) (shown on Food Network and Netflix)

The Alton Browncast (podcast) http://altonbrown.com/altonblog/the-alton-browncast-podcast/

AB/TV https://www.youtube.com/altonbrown

What I like about this person:

Alton never claims to be a professional chef. I like that he breaks cooking down scientifically (I spent a lot of after school time in my mom’s science lab) and never makes you feel like you wouldn’t be able to do what he’s doing in your own kitchen. His shows are quirky, fun to watch, and I always learn something from them.

Washi Tape Collection w/ Video!

Here are some photos of my washi tape collection. I’ll probably do updates when I get more.

Washi Tape Collection Aug 2015 (1)

Washi Tape Collection Aug 2015 (2)

Washi Tape Collection Aug 2015 (3)

Washi Tape Collection Aug 2015 (4)

Washi Tape Collection Aug 2015 (5)

Washi Tape Collection Aug 2015 (6)

Here are the links where I get some of my washi. Daisy Grey is a fantastic person to work with, and I’ve actually ordered four more rolls of new washi from her.

Daisy Grey’s FB page https://www.facebook.com/groups/DaisyGreyPlannerPretties/?ref=browser

Secret Sister FB page https://www.facebook.com/groups/ssswapplanneraddictst2/?ref=browser

YouTube video link http://youtu.be/Cy7spYj-P2s

© Cori Large June 7, 2015

What’s in My Bag? w/ Video

This is the written post to accompany the YouTube video I filmed with the same title.

My bag is a baby pink leather backpack by Betsy Johnson, a birthday present from my husband.

Whats In My Bag (5)

The front pocket is where my cell phone lives.


Whats In My Bag (1)

Knitting needles and yarn: in a previous post, I wrote about one of my knitting projects: the Pieces Afghan. The squares for this project are small enough that I can keep it in my purse and work on one when time permits.

You can read about the Pieces Afghan in my previous post.

Wallet: (insert brand). This was another birthday present from my husband. I love that is has a chain wrist strap, it’s pretty strong, but noisy. There is a small zipper pouch that is detachable, via snaps.

Raika Planner: (link to Raika post). My Raika planner tags along with me because I use it in conjunction with my mini flex.

Mini Flex: my brain. My brain dump notebook. This thing goes with me everywhere.

Current Journal: I’m attempting to bullet journal in a bound notebook again, and instead of wasting a new notebook, I’m using my current journal. I also bring it along in case I need to journal.

There is a zipper pocket along the back, and two open pockets along the front. In the two front pockets, I keep hand sanitizer, hand lotion, a business card holder, random pen, and the thing of page flags and post it’s.

Whats In My Bag (3)

Whats In My Bag (2)
© Cori Large 6-22-2015

British Jotter

A few months ago, I wrote a piece about how I called the little notebooks I carried around with me Jotters.

You can read that piece here.

My mother-in-law corrected me on this. Jotters are not a made up term I cam up with for my pocket-sized notebooks.

Jotter or rough book or a rough notebook is notebooks that are essentially dedicated to rough drafts. Used to take lecture notes, homework, and notes you needed to do your work.

She happened to find one pack in a box from when they moved from England.

British Jotter (1)

British Jotter (2)

British Jotter (3)

I have no idea what I’ll do with it, so for now, it will go into my journal collection.

YouTube video link: http://youtu.be/ErgS7920k9s.

© Cori Large June 7, 2015