Experiment in Bullet Journaling (w/ Video!!!)

On March 6, 2015, I decided to attempt bullet journaling in my current diary. I wrote out a month at a glance bullet list that spans two pages. I use the left over room on the second page to make notes about the next month and any big reminders.

On the following six pages, I wrote out my categorized To Do lists: Personal, Crafts by Cori (my side business), Writing/Blog, YouTube ideas & notes, House stuff. My private diary pages come after that.

I realized a few days in that I missed the week at a glance layout. I had bought one of those tear-away weekly calendars at the beginning of the year. I tore off the current and following weeks and glued them onto the pages.

I recently saw in one of the Bullet Journaling Facebook groups another weekly layout. Instead of using washi tape to separate my squares, I used highlighter.

There are also daily things I want to keep tract of (exercising, doing the dishes, Bible reading), so I repurposed a chart from a weekly planner layout I had created. It is set up a daily checklist that goes by the week.

This is the video link where I go through my March 2015 bullet journal set up.


Of course, I have come up with some other layout ideas, but that’s another post.

© Cori Large March 6-14, 2015

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