Product Review: Mead Shopping OrganizHER

Back Story:

In my soon to be posted piece about Mead Flex Binders, I go on and on about their versatility. But I always wished for a smaller version. Well, playing around on the Mead website, I stumbled across the Mead Shopping Organizher.

I’m not gonna lie. I FREAKED! Yes, it was a two-ring binder, but I didn’t care about that. I had finally found what I wanted. My wonderful husband, when I was jumping up and down, handed me the credit card and said, “Order it.” Music to my ears.

When it finally arrived, my friend, Melanie, agreed to shoot the unboxing video.

I immediately tore it apart and reorganized it. I’m keeping the “how to use the shopping list” cardboard insert to use as a dashboard. I moved the card holder and zipper pouch to the front as well.

The Shopping List tab is staying the same, but I only kept three shopping list pages and the blog/website pages in this section.

The Coupons tab has been turned into a notes section. I removed the extra pocket dividers to make room for more paper. I already had a bunch of paper to fit this size notebook.

A really nice discovery was that the two rings line up with the top and middle rings on a regular size Flex Binder. So what does this mean? I don’t need to buy a special hole punch!!! A standard size 3 hole punch will work just fine.

YES!!! Very happy! *happy dance*


Mead Shopping OrganizHer closed, before I personalized it.


Size comparison of the Shopping OrganizHer to the full size Flex Binder


Cardboard insert showing how to use the shopping list inserts


The tabbed dividers: Shopping List & Coupons


Pockets on the divider


Blank shopping list, yes it is perforated.


Two of the coupon dividers and their pockets


Website/Blog username and password log


Clear zippered pouch, kinda flimsy


Business card holder, also flimsy plastic

IMG_1277 IMG_1280

The Money Shot!!! This is the main reason I bought this product. I wanted to be able to bend it back like a spiral notebook and fill it with paper of my own!!! These were the two main features were what I’ve been looking for!


Now for the customization: I moved the business card holder and zippered pouch to the front of book.



I removed most of the shopping list pages for now, I’ll replace them when needed, and moved the website/blog pages into the shopping list section.

I also removed all the coupon dividers except for the tabbed one. I have an according file for my coupons. They are being stored until I need to replace the second divider.





After I added my own paper, this is how thick it ended up.

Video link:

© Cori Large February 10, 2015

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