Fun College Savings Ideas!!!

Back Story: <A/N: The author encourages any and all ways to save for college, unless it endangers retirement funding.> I overhead a grandmother collecting Georgia State quarters for her granddaughter’s college fund. The granddaughter’s name was Georgia.

I think this a really neat idea. Especially if the parents are die-hard fans of a sports team or alumni, i.e. University of Florida Gators or Harvard Law, you would collect Florida state quarters and Massachusetts state quarters respectively.

Or if the child has a city name: Cheyenne or Dakota, you could collect Wyoming and North & South Dakota quarters respectively.

Another idea is for those that are able to: for the 1st birthday, contribute $1 toward the college fund. At the 2nd birthday, contribute $2, and so on for each birthday. If you could get people to do this instead of buying a bunch of toys, you could end up putting away a nice amount for your child’s college fund. The same can be done with coins (100 pennies, 10 dimes, etc.), if the parents want to have a physical reminder around at all time.

Another idea: collecting loose change. My aunt and uncle, when my cousin was born, had a little piggy bank in his nursery where any and all loose change was deposited. My cousin is getting ready to graduate from high school, so this will hopefully help towards paying for his schooling.

© Cori Large 9/25/2014

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