Dancing on the Head of a Pen: The Practice of a Writing Life by Robert Benson

Writer Robert Benson says it beautifully, “But listening to someone else describe the tricks she uses to keep herself digging every day reminds us of what works for us, and what does not, and helps us remember to be attentive to the things we already know to do” (pg. 9). And he is so right. I love reading books by writers about how they write, and this book, Dancing on the Head of a Pen, is one of those books.

Benson takes you through his process, never shying away from the negatives, and is completely honest about it all. I’ve bookmarked a lot of good quotes to use. This book will definitely be one of my books in my office that I turn to when I’m stuck.

If you like reading about how writers write, I recommend this book!

© Cori Large 10/30/2014

Clothes Steaming on the Line

So I went out to hang up my husband’s work clothes that I washed last night. After I had hung them up, I went to get more clothes to wash. That is what weekends are for after all: Laundry!

When I walked back out under the carport, I saw them steaming!

IMG_0538 IMG_0539 IMG_0540


I’ve never seen this before and thought it was sooo cool! Hope everyone has a lovely day!