Upcoming Events!

I’ve been posting a lot of book reviews lately and little else, but there is a reason for that. I’m about six-seven months behind in posting about all the books I’ve been reading. Also, with moving, I’ve been slow about posting my non-book review posts. I’m still getting ideas, and writing stuff out. Just not posting it.

I’m one-two more posts away from being done with Book Reviews from 2013! Then it’s on to the 30-40 something books so far from 2014.

Another blog feature I’m toying with is creating a subject list on its own page for articles and books I’ve read on specific subjects over the years. The organization, formatting, and linking is throwing me a little, but once I get a rough version of what I want to do, I’m going to ask those more tech savvy than  myself for their thoughts on the matter.

Stay tuned for new features! And thank you for reading!

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