Important realization and I need to brag on myself for a minute…

So I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and like a failure lately because of all the stuff/crap that has been accumulating in the apartment, chores that need to be done, important paperwork that needs to be organized…you know, general life stuff that happens when life is happening and you can’t possibly get to it right then. This feeling was pretty intense and I actually contemplated cancelling a Girls Day with a really good friend whom I had not seen in months.

I didn’t cancel and spent most of Saturday at her apartment, catching up, working on my own knitting project, and helping her prep some stuff for a baby shower she was giving. Once we got started talking, all thoughts of the mess in the apartment and my To Do list exited my brain. (My husband doesn’t believe that, but it’s true!)

I’m sooooooooo glad I didn’t cancel. I forget sometimes how I need to recharge with my friends who can relate to what I’m going through right now. Swapping budgeting tips, recipes, organizing ideas, craft ideas, etc. She joked that Girls Day was such a good idea, that we needed to do it again, now how was my calendar looking in four months!

‘Cuz that’s life! We all have good intentions and want to hang out with friends, family, catch up, recharge…but life happens. This past Saturday was a great reminder that it’s okay to put off the chores and go see a friend whom you hadn’t seen since before Christmas.

So, that was my grown up realization, now for the bragging!

Because I didn’t realize how recharged I would feel after my Girls Day, I didn’t expect to get what I accomplished this weekend accomplished. Our office/spare room/craft room/mess room was looking pretty hoarder-ish in my opinion. My dad’s a minimalist, and while I’m no where near as bad as him, I HATE piles of “stuff” everywhere serving no purpose.

We cleaned up the office, organized most of the paperwork that had piled up, have a couple bags for Salvation Army, pile for the garbage, and bags of items that need to be returned or given to people who would utilize said items more than I would. Yes, that may mean for a few days I’ll have smaller piles to deal with until they are distributed, but it’ll be gone within a week! Very proud of myself and Husband for getting this accomplished.

One of the other big piles was old VHS that I didn’t want to part with because they were childhood movies that I didn’t know if I could find them on Amazon. (Pure laziness and procrastination were behind that not getting done.) Dear Husband found them all on Amazon and saved the links for me so that when we had a little extra money, I could replace the VHS with a DVD. Very grateful for my sweetie for doing that for me!

I hope I have more weekends like this where I can get things accomplished and feel good about myself.

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