The Bridge to Neverland by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson

The Bridge to Never Land by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson


This book is separate from the Starcatcher Series and does not require the series to be read beforehand. This book provides all the necessary background information.

Two American teenagers take it upon themselves to locate the last known stash of Star Stuff and try to get it to Never Land. Lord Ombra returns in the form of ravens and tracks them down. In the meantime, Sarah and Aidan hunt down the last remaining Aster and seek his assistance.

Their journey leads them to Peter Pan’s Flight, the ride in Walt Disney World. Making it across the bridge and into Never Land, they are suddenly confronted with everything that filled the book series: Hook, the Jolly Roger, Teacher, Mollusk warriors, Fighting Prawn, the Lost Boys, Tinker Bell, and Peter Pan himself.

Getting back to their own world and figuring out how to defeat Ombra become very tricky, especially when it has to be done in front of a bunch of tourists in an extremely crowded amusement park.


This book was decent. It’s happening in a present time setting which took some getting used to. The detail from Fantasyland was great! Now I know if I ever hear someone say “Christopher Robin” over a Disney radio, it is talking about a lost child.

This book certainly answers the question of how Peter Pan can cross over from Never Land to the “real” world and back again.

©Cori Endicott May/June 2013

I see the Light at the end of the Tunnel!

For those that were not aware, I’ve spent the last three years working on my graduate degree. This is my last semester in the Master’s of Library and Information Science program, and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It will be a bittersweet ending for me, because I have actually enjoyed myself for the most part. I’ve learned a lot, met a lot of interesting people, and became aware of sects of the library world that I wasn’t aware of before.

I’m in a contemplative mood today for more than one reason. The first being that I’m almost done. May 3 is graduation and it will be here before I know it. Second, I completed the Comprehensive Exam, which means I had one week to research and write a 10 page paper. I had initially made a bigger deal out of this than I should have, but anticipation is usually worse than reality. When I submitted it last night, I felt more confident than ever. My ability to keep it together fairly well (depending on who you ask) has caused me to pause and really think about what I’m capable of. The third and final reason, since I’ll be homework and research free in a couple months, I have begun to contemplate what to do with my time. This is a problem I usually have at the end of a semester. For the first few days, I don’t know what to do with myself because I’m used to homework being there for me when I get home from work.

But no more! The world is my oyster and all that jazz. *raises eyebrow* I guess I could get started on that 3 page long To Do list I’ve been compiling and start working through that stack of books…