The Bailey School Kids series, books 64, 54-57

The Bailey School Kids series by Debbie Dadey and Marcia Thorton Jones

A/N: Because of the length of the series, there will be ongoing mini summaries of the books.

A/N#2: Starting here, the order of the books gets messed up. I had inter-library loaned most of these books and my wonderful librarian told me I needed to return them because of how overdue they were. I probably could have just interlibrary loaned them again so I could keep the write ups going in order, but that didn’t really occur to me at the time.

Mrs. Jeepers’ Creepy Christmas (64)

Eddie challenges Mrs. Jeepers to a decorating contest, and if she decorates her house, he’ll read four books. Weeks pass and Eddie hasn’t read a single book. She loans him some “horror” and other scary book because that is the only thing that sparks his interest.

Mrs. Claus Doesn’t Climb Telephone Poles (54)

A snowstorm has swept in, bringing a grandma-like woman to town who is from the far North, knows all about the latest toys, and can fix almost anything.

Leprechauns Don’t Play Fetch (55)

A queer (not gay, weird) little man from Ireland comes to Sheldon City to open up a pet store. However, whenever someone visits the store, Mr. McDawgle talks them into buying something they don’t need.

Ogres Don’t Hunt Easter Eggs (56)

A new landscaper shows up and instead of making the park pretty for the Easter Egg hunt, he turns it into a mud pit.

Mrs. Jeepers is Missing! Super Special #1 (57)

All of the children are invited to Mrs. Jeepers’ house for an end of the year barbeque. When a storm knocks out the power, Mrs. Jeepers’ also seems to disappear.

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