Book Notes: The Book of Lost Books

[AN: all notes are taken verbatim from the book. I claim not rights to them]

The Book of Lost Books by Stuart Kelly

It is the intrinsic nature of literature that it is written: even work initially preserved in oral tradition only truly becomes literature when it is written down.

Is becoming lost the best that can happen to a book?

To those of whom no trace remains, this book is an offering. For we will join them all in the end.

Collection at the library of Alexandria was started with Aristotle’s personal collection

Lost, Meander was a genius; Found, he was an embarrassment

If the whole of philosophy is merely footnotes to Plato, then the entirety of Christian theology is an attempt to unravel the insights of Paul.

Centro>>patchwork; a writer rearranges lines by another poet to create a wholly new poem

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