Book Notes: Lefties

[AN: All notes are taken verbatim from the book. I claim no rights to them.]

Lefties: The Origins & Consequences of Being Left-Handed by Jack Fincher

  1. That believing that in all our actions there is a natural difference between right and left hands…the stupidity of nurses and mothers has made us all one-armed…Indeed, the natural aptitude of the two arms is the same, and it is ourselves who have made them unequal and who do not use them as we should. (pg 35)
  2. The wedding ring is placed on the third finger of the left hand—the “charm finger” in superstition—to ward off black magic with the power thought to reside in the precious metal. (pg 38)
  3. The right may have gotten the upper hand, through something as simple as a man’s need to shield his heart in battle while wielding his weapon. (pg 60)
  4. Only man among all things living prefers the right to the left. (pg 63)
  5. The universe, or so we imagined, was ambidextrous—in theory, if not always in fact. (pg 64)
  6. For the social dictates of custom in clothing are as asymmetric as language. (pg 71)
  7. Even parity: an even number added to another even number; an odd number added to an even number (pg. 87)
  8. Odd Parity: an odd number added to an odd number (pg 87)

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