Book Notes: How to Sell More by Markita Andrews and Cheryl Merser

[AN: All notes are taken verbatim from the book. I claim no rights to them.]

How to Sell More by Markita Andrews and Cheryl Merser

Andrews, Markita and Cheryl Merser. How to Sell More.New York: Random House, Inc. 1986. Print.

  1. And the first lesson about selling I learned now seems really simple to me: Go where the customers are (3)
  2. But side goals are private; they’re things you want just for yourself. You can’t let them take over your mind (11)
  3. If you try to get away with “cheating” on your short-term goals, you’d better also rethink your long-term goals (12)
  4. First, if you make a mistake it’s easier to remember what happened and then catch it on the same day; and also, it makes you feel good to add up all the sales! (13)
  5. You can sell as hard as possible but still have time for leisure and fun, for your friends, time to work off the stress of work. Selling should never be your entire life (15)
  6. I guess their lesson would be that when you set your goals, keep in mind that to be a success as a salesperson, you first have to be a success as a person (15)
  7. But what I like are the people who maybe don’t finish in first place, but are really excited because they beat their own record or maybe just because they finished the race. They’re running with their own secret goals (17)
  8. So why take a risk? Because if you don’t, you’ll never accomplish anything (51)
  9. So selling is really two things: describing and convincing. And you can use the five senses to do both (67)
  10. The lesson is: Get out in the world! See what your product can do! Get new ideas! (80)
  11. I said I needed shoes that would be comfortable to stand in for hours on end. (That’s another thing. Always take care of your feet.) (81)
  12. Extra touches, in selling or anything else, do make a difference (82)
  13. Every new thing you do make you a changed person (83)
  14. Doing what you’re afraid of makes you feel twice as good afterwards (88)
  15. The point of selling is to make connections—and keep them. In a way this part of selling is the most fun; you get to thank all kinds of people for all they’ve done for you, and some people will even thank you back for all you’ve done for them! Back-up and follow-up, I call it. Follow-up will keep your connections to your customers, and back-up—short for back-up services—will keep you connected to the people who make it possible for your to sell in the first place (98)
  16. The first rule of follow-up is remembering to write thank you notes (99)
  17. Chances are good that if you remember your customers, they’ll come to remember you too (102)
  18. Common courtesy is pretty uncommon these days. People notice (103)

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