Why Every Town Should Have a Pig Farm…

In a previous post, I argued the call for organic fertilizer/compost head in every town. Well, I’m back with another suggestion.

Pigs eat anything and everything. They’ll even eat rib bones. Think about it rib bones being fed to the creature that will become more ribs. How economical and ecological is that? It’s like the stone crabs off theMiamicoast.

It occurred to me the other day when I was making dinner how much organic kitchen waste I was putting in a trash bag. Organic as in came from the Earth, not plastic or paper products. Please don’t argue semantics with me. If my friends that have pigs weren’t an hour’s drive away, they’d be getting buckets of potential slop from me every other day.  These friends already keep a bucket in their own kitchen for slop. I’ll add to it! Gladly! Anything to decrease the amount of waste going into the landfills.

Think about it…a bucket in your kitchen where you could scrape unwanted leftovers, potato peels, apple cores, pizza crusts, egg shells, coffee grounds, etc. into and it would go to the pig farm to feed your future side of bacon! How would the bucket get there? Well…that’s another point.

The farmer could have collection points throughout the town, or come around every couple of days like the garbage truck and pick up the buckets. And when you drop off or set out your bucket, you’ll get a fresh, CLEAN bucket in return.

Or the farmer could even hire people to drive around and collect buckets for a fee. See? More local jobs! And with every little expense put towards feeding the pigs, bacon and ribs become cheaper!!!

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