Superior Saturday by Garth Nix

Book Six of the Keys to the Kingdom series


When we last left Lord Arthur, he had made it back to the Secondary Realms to help Leaf keep Lady Friday from experiencing any more human emotions. But before he can fix the mess she made, he has to rush back to the House. Vast amounts of Nothing have broken through barriers and completely destroy the Far Reaches and the Lower House.

Now Arthur and Suze must become Grease Monkeys to infiltrate Superior Saturday’s realm to find Part Six of the Will and gain possession of the Sixth Key.


All in all, not much happened in this book. I would have been happy with the last two chapters to be quite honest. Read it because it’s part of the series, but I’m not behind it whole-heartedly. I’m ready for Lord Sunday, so I can find out the ending to the plot.

PS: If anyone has any information on the release of Lord Sunday, please let me know!

© Cori Endicott July 2009


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