Sir Thursday by Garth Nix

Book Four of the Keys to the Kingdom series


The creature that took over Arthur’s body at the end of Drowned Wednesday continues to cause havoc in the Secondary Realms. Until it is defeated and destroyed, Arthur cannot return to the Secondary Realms and must stay in the House. While he is stuck in the House, he gets drafted into the Great Army of the Architect, lead by Sir Thursday. In the mean time, Arthur’s friend, Leaf, gets back to the Secondary Realms and goes after the Spirit-Eater.

The Piper returns’ claiming to be the Rightful Heir and Arthur is finally given an out to return to the normal life he had. What choice will Arthur make?


This book went pretty quick. The chapters flipped between Arthur’s dealings in the House, and Leaf’s adventure in the Secondary Realm.

Not much really to say. Liked it, want to finish the series. Having trouble getting a hold of Lady Friday and Superior Saturday.

© Cori Endicott June 2009


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