Martha Stewart: Just Desserts by Jerry Oppenheimer


Watch out, Martha! This book is out to get you!

Mr. Oppenheimer’s work consists of interviews with past business associates, some of whom chose to remain anonymous. It goes through her personal and professional life piece by piece showing how she screwed people over. It gave more insight into her divorce from Andrew Stewart. Also shows how she used their daughter, Alexis, and turned her against her father. The book is sad at times when it shows how petty and pathetic Martha Stewart was in certain situations. Any loyal Martha fan will deny everything in this book, just as their idol would.

However, while is may not be 100% accurate (memories fade after awhile), it does offer some food for thought regarding the Domestic Diva.


I found this book to be fairly well written. Its order was chronological, but there were repeats of facts which, I’m going to believe, were supposed to be memory joggers. I liked its organization and clarity.

This was the last of the Martha books that I’ve been reading. I originally saved this one for last due to its size, but another Martha book gave me a taste of what to expect from it. Therefore, I decided to save the best for last. As damning as this book was, I’m still waiting for Alexis Stewart to write her own tell-all about what it was like growing up with Martha for a mother.

© Cori Endicott June 2009


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