Martha: On Trial, In Jail, and On a Comeback by Robert Slater


This book is an in depth breakdown of all the events before, during, after, and since Martha’s legal woes. Before the book even gets started, the author was kind enough to include a list of all the legal personnel on both sides, witnesses, and select audience members. This section is especially handy when you’re half-way through the book and need a quick refresher course on who’s who. Her time serving in Alderson wasn’t the center of the book; it was touched upon only.


I found this book very interesting. While there were places where the book seemed to drag on, I enjoyed the book and learned a lot. I followed all of this mayhem as it played out in the news. And at the time, I fully believed Martha got what she deserved; again possibly due to counter my mother’s admiration of her. After I finished this book, I’m not as adamant as I was a few years ago. Now I believe the stint in “Yale,” was the best thing that could have happened to Martha. She changed for the better.

If legal battles are your thing, then you’ll find this book enjoyable.

© Cori Endicott February 2009


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