Lady Friday by Garth Nix

Book Five of the Keys to the Kingdom series


Despite having destroyed the Spirit-Eater, Arthur had had no time to return to the Secondary Realms. Now it is Friday, and he must continue on his quest to retrieve the fifth key and fifth part of the Will. Lady Friday sends an emissary to him, the Piper, and Superior Saturday informing them that she willingly bequeaths the fifth key to whomever can find it in her Scriptorium.

Once the Will is found, Arthur must make it back to the Secondary Realms before Lady Friday finishes experiencing all the mortals she can get her hands on.

New mystery: Where’s Arthur’s mother?


Overall, I was bored with this book. It didn’t get exciting until the last three chapters. And with it going back and forth between Arthur’s adventure and Leaf’s perile, I got confused numerous times. I felt like I wasn’t able to figure out what was going on from the context clues (if there were any).

As for it being part of a series, I would say read it so you know what’s going on. As a stand alone…well, a sequel isn’t written to stand on its own.

© Cori Endicott June 2009


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