Grim Tuesday by Garth Nix

Book 2 of the Keys to the Kingdom series


Arthur doesn’t get much rest from his battle from Mister Monday. Almost immediately, Grim Tuesday comes after him via a loophole in Original Law. Arthur must journey to the Far Reaches, escape the steam-gun packing Overseers, and make it to the Treasure Tower. Once inside the Treasure Tower, he must located the second piece of the Will and defeat the Grim to get the second Key. However, Grim Tuesday’s greediness of gathering Nothing to mold his copied treasures from has put the very foundation of the House and everything the Architect created. Will Arthur retrieve the second part of the Will and the Key in time to keep the Nothing from destroying everything? And who is the half-child, half-skeleton that watches Arthur?


I liked this book a lot better than Mister Monday. (In literature, the sequels are generally better. No time is wasted giving background and introducing characters.) This one seemed to go quicker than the first. I recommend it, definitely.

Now I need to order Drowned Wednesday.

© Cori Endicott April 2009

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