Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg; Gail Carson Levine


A new fairy arrives in NEVER LAND, and is immediately considered the oddball. You see, all Never Fairies have talents, but Prilla does not. When Mother Dove and her egg are injured during a freak hurricane, Prilla and two other Never Fairies are sent on a quest to gather the rarest items in NEVER LAND. Once they have them, the must face the dreaded dragon, Kyto, who is the only one who can repair Mother Dove’s egg.

Why is the egg so special? Why doesn’t Mother Dove just lay another one? BECAUSE this egg is what holds all of the NEVER LAND magic! Without it, fairies cannot fly, Peter Pan begins to grow up, and the youthful magic of NEVER LAND is replaced with age. Will Kyto accept the fairies’ gifts? Will Prilla ever find her talent?


This was such a cute book! Until the Never Fairies came out, I had always thought that Tinkerbelle was the only fairy. I did learn some new things about Never Land:

* The reason why Tinkerbelle no longer flies with Peter Pan is because of Wendy

* Mermish is the language of the mermaids; it has 38 vowels and no consonants

* Whenever fairies are about, the air smells of cinnamon.

I would recommend this book to a child and to anyone who is interested in fairies!

© Cori Endicott April 2009


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