Drowned Wednesday by Garth Nix

Book Three in The Keys to the Kingdom series


While Arthur is trying to recuperate from a broken leg in his hospital bed, Lady Wednesday summons him back to the House for a luncheon. He and his friend, Leaf, whom he met a few days ago, are swept into the Border Sea. Leaf is taken prisoner first by the Mantis and later becomes the slave of the pirate Feverfew. Arthur is taken aboard by the Moth and makes his way to meet up with Drowned Wednesday.

After speaking with her, he finds that she is not the one who is standing in his way in finding Part Three of the Will. AND she is more than willing to hand over the Third Key. Arthur must now enter Feverfew’s world-let, which is located inside Drowned Wednesday, and retrieve the Will. Nothing is ever easy for Arthur, is it?


This book was alright. I found myself skimming the pages and not focusing so intently on what was going on. I tend to do that with series; I just want to know the major plot points and not deal with all the “fluff.”

I mentioned in my review of Grim Tuesday of a creature that appeared to be half-boy, half-skeleton. Well, he, or rather It, has reappeared. I’m finding myself more inclined to finish this series so I can find out what this boy-creature-thing is! It’s creepy! Yet…fascinating…


© Cori Endicott May 2009


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