The Dragonfly Pool by Eva Ibbotson


A beloved little girl is sent to boarding school against her wishes. Once acclimated, she decides to get classmates together to perform at a folk dancing festival in Bergania, a country in Eastern Europe. She unknowingly makes friends with the crown prince, but when tragedy strikes, hopes of a friendship seem dashed. Despite their different backgrounds, the children do their best to keep in touch. But as the prince’s family puts more pressure on him to become more king-like, any hope for a normal life fades. After much desperation, the prince begins to form a plan to escape and join his friend at her school in England. All of this takes places right before England and America enter World War II. Will the prince succeed in his plan or will his family force a life of kingdom on him that he detests?


I enjoyed reading this book and thought the story-line was worthwhile. It is very understandable why she set it during the World War II, since how they get back to England would never work today. The characters were well-developed and as each was introduced you wanted to learn more about them. The age range for the book is middle school, or 10-13 years old.

© Cori Endicott May 2009


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