Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery


Aging brother and sister send away to adopt an orphan boy to help around their estate. When the brother arrives at the train station to pick up the boy, he finds no boy but instead a red-haired, freckle-faced little girl.

After discussing the situation with his sister, they decide to keep her. The girl’s name is Anne; “Anne spelled with an ‘e.’” She helps around the house, goes to school, and makes a friend or two. But poor Anne has a habit of getting into trouble. Triumph and tragedy occur very close to each other, causing Anne to rethink all of her plans.


My mother tried very hard to get me to read this book when I was young. Being the stubborn child I was (okay, still am), I staunchly refused. Ironically, it was when the book won poll in my book club, that I checked it out of the library willingly. I thought the book was very cute and was an interesting read. I’m not sure if I’d continue on with the series, but I gladly recommend this book.


In the movie, “You’ve Got Mail,” a character states that Anne of Green Gables should be read with a box of tissues. The only time I ever came anywhere near crying is when Matthew died. Other than that, no desire to cry.

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