Academic Librarian by day, Writer and Original Content Creator by night!

Hi everyone! I’m Cori and in addition to slaying research dragons and wrangling plot bunnies, I’m a blogger, YouTuber, and knitter all rolled into one!

I’ve been writing “books” and stories since I was four years old. My mom even kept the construction paper books I wrote. I’ve dreamed of becoming a published author for just as long.

After years of writing without much follow up, including the several years long break during my bachelor’s and master’s degrees, I’ve reached a point in my life where if I want to be published I need to get working at it. I am responsible for achieving my dreams, no one else! No publishing company is going to call up randomly asking if I have a book I want to publish.

On this site, you’ll find blog posts and YouTube videos I want to share with the world, links to other blogs and podcasts I’ve been featured on, links to articles I’ve published, and the Weekly Writing Update I post to keep myself accountable to my readers.

I do have a Patreon account where I publish a fresh piece of flash fiction each month for tiered patrons.

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~Cori Large

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